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The Blue Marlin: High-Dollar High-Excitement Sport Fishing

The Marlin (especially the blue Marlin) is the star of big-game fishing -- it is the leaping billed battler of literature and legends. It is also the customary "trophy" carcass hung by chains with white numbers painted on its belly, seen in fishing magazines and executive office-wall photographs. It is considered the ultimate prize for the library and study walls of the wealthy fisherman capable of affording the deep-sea expeditions on big boats with flying bridges and huge downriggers.  This is an expensive sport! It is estimated that more money is spent by sport fisherman marlin fishing for any other fish species on earth.

Hemingway so loved the marlin, that he wrote about it. He set the tone for many post-war generation fishing high rollers. Big business executives and other open-water addicts fly to the Bahamas, Bimini, Cuba, Hawaii, and other exotic tropical waters and cough up significant dollars in hopes of landing one of these spectacular billed eagles of saltwater oceans. 

If you do get a hook set on a marlin, you will spend 5 or 6 hours or more of back-breaking, leg-wrenching, arm-numbing work pulling the marlin to the fishing boat -- and you may yet still lose it.  Most marlin are killed after the catch... The victorious boat captain may explain that after the exhaustion and struggle of the long fight the fish won't live anyway so it is necessary to kill it. Most blue-water anglers would agree that the marlin is a graceful, beautiful predator that inspires respect-yet, they still insist upon killing it. This finally beginning to change, since more "tagging" is being done and such good replicas are available at taxidermy shops.

Where the Best Blue Marlin Fishing is Found

The blue marlin is the most widely distributed of the marlin fish family. It has literally been caught all over the globe. For the sake of keeping records, Blue marlin are divided into Pacific and Atlantic blues -- but no biological difference exists between the two fish. Only minor difference in appearance exists: Pacific blue marlin have a lateral line shaped in loops like a chain; the Atlantic blue's lateral line is a more complex network of hexagonal shapes. Atlantic blues are concentrated in tropical waters; they congregate in large numbers around Bimini, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Havana, and off Texas in the Gulf of Mexico. They flock heavily to what is sometimes called the Tongue of the Ocean, which is a deep ocean bank not far off the Bahamas. A number of world records have been taken around the Virgin Islands and British West Indies. Blue marlin ale known to run around Puerto Rico and Bahamas during June each year, but they are also present in numbers from July and August. Blue marlin are fished heavily off Hawaii throughout the spring and summer. 

How Big are Marlin You Ask?

The white marlin averages around 60 - 70 pounds, and the rod-and-reel world record white marlin weighed 161 pounds -- it was caught in the Gulf Stream off Miami Beach in 1938. The most abundant of these species, the striped marlin, is a middle-heavyweight. Usually tipping the scales at 200 - 300 pounds, with 400  pounders occasionally caught. The world record striper marlin was caught off Balboa, California, in the 1940s and weighed 692 pounds. 

The blue and black marlins are heavyweights and rank among the mightiest boned fish in world, with females often exceeding 1,000 pounds. The all-tackle world-record black marlin weighing 1,560 pounds was taken off Cabo Blanco, Peru in 1953. The all-tackle Atlantic blue marlin record was a 1,282 pound fish caught in the waters around the Virgin Islands in 1977. The Pacific blue marlin record is 1,376 pounds and was caught near Kona, Hawaii. 

The average blue marlin caught by the open water sport fishermen will weigh between 300 and 400 pounds.


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